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Oothappam - The Indian Pizza???

What do you do with the over-fermented dosa/Idli batter??? I make these cute little Chellamani Snack for kids or if I don't have anything pre-planned for breakfast I go for this delicious and gorgeous Vegetable Oothappam. As every South Indian home even I do make Idli batter almost every week, refrigerate them in a container once fermented to be handy any day of the week or any time of the day . First day I makes dozens of Idlys, next day comes the dosas and then comes this yummy Oothappams. Oothappams are thick dosa like pancakes made with the veggies.

I make them in two different ways:- One by making thick dosas/pancakes, sprinkling the mixed veggies, cook, flip, cook again and take them out. Two adding all the veggies in the Idli batter and mixing them well and make thick Oothappams. Both tastes great, I like the first way - Crunchy veggie bites spread over the Oothappams where as my hubby like the second way - bites of veggies inside the Oothappams.

  1. Idli/Dosa batter ~ 4 cups(Find dosa batter recipe here if you are a newbie :-))
  2. Grated Carrot - 1
  3. Chopped Onion - 1
  4. Chopped Tomato -1 
  5. Green Chilies chopped - 3
  6. Coriander Leaves/Cilantro chopped ~ 3 tbsp
  7. Salt ~ 1 tsp(to taste)

Preparation Method :- 
  • Put all the veggies and cilantro in a bowl, add salt and mix well with clean hands. Reserve.
  • Heat up a non-stick Griddle/Tawa, when the griddle is hot enough pour a big ladle of batter and spread very gently(Don't spread too much, Oothappams are thick compared to dosas and small in size)
  • Immediately spread a tsp of mixed veggies on top of dosa before the spread gets dried off(you can drizzle a tsp of oil/ghee on the edges of oothappam and gently press the veggie top with a spatula if desired - I didn't use any oil/ghee) 
  • Wait for a minute, once the bottom side is cooked and you see sponge like holes on top, then  flip the oothappam, press gently with a spatula if desired and wait for a minute till the other is cooked well. 
  • Take off the tawa. Before spreading the next dosa wipe the tawa/griddle with a clean towel/thick paper napkins to clean off any veggie residue remaining when you cook the Oothappam. 
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the batter and veggies. Serve warm with Tomato Chutney or Sambhar or Coconut Cutney 
  • Now for the variation Ootappam without the veggie spread on top, mix all the ingredients together, heat up the tawa, pour a ladle of batter, spread gently to make thick Oothappams, flip over when the bottom is cooked and take out of the griddle when the other side is cooked as well.

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1. If you want to make oil free dosas/Oothappams your tawa/griddle should be non-stick and there should not be any tear offs on the griddle due to over heating.
2. If you have issues with griddle, wash and clean them and spread some ghee/butter/oil and keep it overnight. Fully wipe off the oil with a paper napkin or towel just before you make dosas.
3. Don't over heat the griddle/tawa, always keep them in between medium-high temperature(ie not to full flame, but a bit less than high heat)


  1. That looks soo colorful. I bet the kids wud love it:-)

  2. Love this.. Looks so colorful and yummy

  3. Looks so colorful and inviting

  4. The clicks are wowwwwww!!!!
    They look so bright and so delicious.

  5. Very colorful and attractive..

  6. I love the colorful dosas! Grate some cheese and you truly have an Indian Pizza! :D

  7. Lovely and colorful,kids will love this..with sambar it looks so inviting.

  8. Looks so colourful... Been a long time since i had it.. Gonna try this.. :)

  9. So colourful and Super-duper recipe and I'm falling for it.

  10. So delicious,very colorful

  11. that looks so yummo, let me go and soak rice and urad dal... uve tempted me...

  12. this looks really awesome......nice idea (name)..looks just yum...

  13. yummy healthy colorfull kerala pizza....

  14. No doubt. It is absolutely an Indian pizza with 100% healthy stuff. :-)

  15. No doubt. It is absolutely an Indian pizza with 100% healthy stuff. I love the combo of oothappam with sambar. tempting here.

  16. Looks beautiful and colourful... Defiantly an Indian pizza :)

  17. That uttapam looks so tempting and colorful...beautiful!!!


  18. Yummy and colorful uthappam.

  19. Love the way you've referred to them as "chellamani". They definitely are.

  20. Kothipichallo..looks so colourful.
    A has recovers from chicken pox..thanks for the well wishes dear :)

  21. Great looking Uttapam's:) Happy to follow ur blog,do visit my blog too:)

  22. So colorful and tasty ottapam!! Thanks for linking to the event!!

    Ongoing event
    CC:Vegan Diet - Plant Based Food


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