Saturday, March 17, 2012

Banana Dates Smoothie/ Banana Dates Milk Shake

Who don't like Milk/Ice Cream Smoothies and Shakes right??? Banana Smoothie is my kids favorite but I somehow don't like much banana flavor in my soft drinks. I always try to pair them with some fruits or nuts and this Banana Dates Smoothies is something I love since I don't even have to add any sugar to make it sweet. So this simple and ezee smoothie is for you all to quench the thirst and keep you fresh and energetic in the upcoming hot Summer, Try this out and enjoy!!!!!

  1. Chiquita Banana - 1 
  2. Dates - 8 to 10 numbers
  3. Low fat Milk- 2 Cups
  4. Ice Cubes - 6 to 10(optional)
  5. Whipped Cream to Garnish on top(optional)

Preparation Method:- 
  • Roughly Chop the dates and soak them in a cup of milk for 10 minutes.
  • Blend the soaked dates well in the blender/mixer. Chop and add the banana to the dates and blend well again. 
  • Add the remaining milk and ice cube and blend well again.
  • Strain and pour them to the serving glasses. Drizzle some whipped cream or add a scoop of Ice cream or more Ice cubes if desired. Serve immediately. 
Variation:- You can use half frozen milk or add Ice Cream instead of milk as well. 

Sending this to Sobha's Event Just For Fun, Ramya's ABC Series: Fruit Fiesta, Surabhi's Beat the Heat, Sangee's Summer Splash, Anu's Summer Spirits



  1. Refreshing and so delicious,love it

  2. Simple easy smoothie.. Perfect for summer!!

  3. Ahhh what a refreshing smoothie!!! Loved the banana & dates combo!!! You have won the giveaway Prathibha. Congrats!! Please check the link for details (

  4. I love this combo, looks superb..

  5. i dont think the click could have been better. Love the pictures.

  6. I like this combo of banana and dates...looks delicious

  7. Looks very inviting ...great clicks

  8. Very nice n refreshing picture Prathibha and the smoothie looks delicious too..hugs and smiles

  9. Milk shake looks delicious and yummy dear...the clicks are awesome.

    Since Feb one or the other is getting sick in my family which keeps me away from blogging and will be back in April.Thank you so much..


  10. luks yumm yumm...nice one..vl try this..

  11. hi prathiba.. bananas are my favorite, they taste great with anything.. dates also tasty.. a very nutritous and delicious recipe, but i have to use yogurt, cos i am lactose intolerant, cant take milk.. great pics
    have a nice day


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